Room for Empathy in Our Startup Ecosystem

by Dayle Moore, Program Director – Starter Studio

Now more than ever, empathy is shaping discussions on the future of Orlando. Specifically how it can be a force for good in uniting our community. Empathy has become top-of-mind for many in the local entrepreneurship space, but we often discuss empathy in terms of our customers: working to understand their feelings in order to provide a meaningful message and meaningful solution to them.

What about building empathy with other entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship and empathy should go hand-in-hand, but sometimes it can be difficult for entrepreneurs to focus on others while they’re wrapped up in getting their own projects off the ground. How can we build opportunities for them to openly connect with others creating positive change? How can we use empathy as a tool for collaboration?

Our organization, StarterStudio, exists to build bridges for this community. We help anyone get started in Orlando, whether that be a new startup company, creative project, or nonprofit aiming to serve our region. We provide entrepreneurial training, accelerator programs, mentorship, and collaborative workspace to those who desire to create something awesome and connect with others working to do the same thing. This environment brings together people of different backgrounds, skills, and perspectives, and builds a pathway for communication and collaboration they otherwise wouldn’t get sitting at home or sitting at a coffee shop.

Over the years we’ve assisted hundreds of organizations and seen time and again the value of making those connections to foster mutual understanding.  Those in our community that benefit the most are those who open up to others and aren’t afraid to be vulnerable, those who engage in discussion and ask questions, and those who share their strengths with others and seek assistance with their own weaknesses.

In this spirit, StarterStudio is proud to partner with FervorWorks to present the talk series on Empathy and Community Building on April 16th at StarterStudio Parramore. We hope you will join us! If you are interested, head over to for tickets.