Interim CMO

As interim Chief Marketing Officers, we offer short-term and long-term engagements to bring strategic direction to growing teams.

We align with your growth vision to create and execute branding, marketing and sales initiatives with your team or agency for measurable results.

Interim Chief Marketing Officer placements are:

  • Outcome based
  • 3 months or more
  • Have no hourly limit
  • On-site or remote

Each CMO placement includes:

Money-back guarantee

Clear objectives & goals

Measurement models

“We have worked hard and made considerable achievements in the social business movement, but with the challenges we face, we needed strategic direction. Fervr provided the practical steps to move us closer to accomplishing our sales goals and strengthen our team in the fight against poverty.”

Julie Colombino,
CEO, Deux Mains


Download the Framework Product Guide and how Fervr positions your team to know your customer.