FervorWorks positions your team to know your customer, market smarter and sell more.

Our unique approach is to leverage customer empathy in a radical systematic way throughout your entire organization.

Brands leveraging the empathy framework:


This paper informs the modern founder on how Empathy is a driving ingredient to top performing organizations.

“We are listening to our customers more closely than we ever have, which led to a product launch with a million dollars in booking orders before the product was even complete.”

Jason Polstein
Founder, RIP-IT Sports

Learn how RIP-IT Sports increase profit by 52%

The Team

Our first Night of Empathy was a stellar success and exceeded our hopes for city-wide collaboration around becoming "the most empathetic region in the multiverse!"

As a result of that gathering, new initiatives are being started across the city and we’d like to invite you to be a part of ours – A Luncheon Series with our Forward-Thinking Founder’s Society. We will break down methods to systematize empathy into everyday business systems and processes to break through growth barriers. We will cover Empathy And… Community Building, Emerging Talent, Digital Marketing, Disrupting Markets, and more. The format:

  • Small group
  • Relevant subjects
  • Action-oriented
  • Forever friendships

Brilliant community and visual support from David and Angelica Yarde, founders of Sevenality.