FervorWorks is releasing the Empathy Framework, a Whole-Team System for Increasing Market Share

This book is for forward-thinking founders and leaders who know there is a better way to bring their stellar products and services to market, and who are curiously seeking new models that grow their business in our rapidly changing society. In this book we will cover:

  • Why marketing is hard and what marketing should be
  • A whole-team system for your company to increase healthy market share
  • All the tools you need to start integrating the system
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FervorWorks positions your team to know your customer, market smarter and sell more.

Our unique approach is to leverage customer empathy in a radical systematic way throughout your entire organization.

Brands leveraging the empathy framework:


This paper informs the modern founder on how Empathy is a driving ingredient to top performing organizations.

“We are listening to our customers more closely than we ever have, which led to a product launch with a million dollars in booking orders before the product was even complete.”

Jason Polstein
Founder, RIP-IT Sports

Learn how RIP-IT Sports increased profit by 52%

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